Reside Your Way

Support Provided As Per Your Need

When life transitions require intensive support, Roshan Smriti transforms into a sanctuary of specialized care. Our expertly trained staff, equipped with advanced facilities, become your pillar of strength. Rest assured, every need is met with unwavering compassion and medical expertise so you can focus on healing. When it comes to assisted living in Noida, we are renowned for igniting the sparkle in senior living.
In Noida's heart, Roshan Smriti redefines assisted living. Gentle support dovetails with a vibrant community, and expert care nurtures independence. Weaving a vibrant tapestry of senior living unlike any other, we provide the finest assisted living facility in Noida.


The perfect place with all the services one requires, and even more while living life independently. We give absolute security and assistance, if needed, without hindering one's privacy and personal space.


We understand that with the passing of time, our body goes through many biological changes for which extra care, and sometimes assistance is needed. We are here to make sure your body requirements are fulfilled so that you can lead a happy and active life.


There comes a time when the body may require the need for intensive care. And we are prepared with the trained and professional staff as the special care unit. Roshan Smriti, an exceptional assisted living home in Noida, is dedicated to providing personalized support and a nurturing environment for seniors who cherish independence with a helping hand.