About us

Welcome to Roshan Smriti: A Home Where Age Embraces Grace

About Roshan Smiriti

At Roshan Smriti, we redefine the essence of ageing. We understand that growing old is not merely a passage of time, but a tapestry woven with stories, experiences, and wisdom.

Founded by Dr. Bipin Chauhan and Dr. Suman Chauhan, our journey began with a heartfelt mission: to bring love, care, and respect to the golden years of life.

Our Story

In a world where the elderly often suffer in silence, we dared to dream differently. Having witnessed the challenges of dementia within our own family, we realized the unspoken struggles faced by countless families. Roshan Smriti was born from the desire to transform these challenges into opportunities for joy, growth, and connection.

Meet Our Compassionate Team

Dr. Bipin Chauhan (Founder)

With over 30 years of experience as a Geriatrics Physician, Dr. Bipin Chauhan envisioned Roshan Smriti as a haven of happiness and independence for senior citizens.

Dr. Suman Chauhan (Co-Founder)

Having passionately served as a Gynaecologist and General Physician for more than three decades, Dr. Suman Chauhan shares the dream of enhancing the lives of our elders.

Dr. Swati Singh (Activity Manager)

An Occupational Therapist with 15 years of experience, Dr. Swati Singh infuses energy, engagement, and joy through a variety of social, recreational, and cultural activities.

Dr. Samar Alam (Physiotherapist)

A highly skilled physiotherapist with 13 years of expertise, Dr. Samar Alam guides our residents towards comfortable and active lives.

Divya Malhotra (Clinical Psychologist)

Dedicated to mental well-being, Divya Malhotra, a Clinical Psychologist, uses her warmth and expertise to nurture the emotional health of our residents.

Parul Singh (Nutrition and Wellness Therapist)

With 7 years of experience, Parul Singh ensures each resident’s health is meticulously monitored, addressing their nutritional and dietary needs with youthful energy.